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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catching Up

Hey everyone, just checking in to see how the Refugees are doing this holiday season!  Post some comments and tell me all about it!

I'm doing alright, making a few sales in my new shop, definitely keeping busy.  How are you guys?


  1. I'm really enjoying being over at Artfire -- they have such amazing tools, and it's all really well-integrated.

    Glad to hear you're doing well :)


  2. ArtFire business seems to be picking up in my shop - mostly old customers I recruited from Etsy with an e-mail campaign and personal friends ordering Christmas gifts but good business none-the-less. I'm loving the tools and the community there.

  3. I sold an ornament drape which made me happy. How many more people have been banned and muted? Anybody know?

  4. Totally loving ArtFire! And I'm finally ready to start moving my expired listings and get caught up on re-photographing things. It'll be nice to start moving out finally!

    Plus, I'm meeting lots of great folks both at ArtFire and through my blog. Lots to be happy about. Now if only I didn't have to worry about people adding me to their Etsy Circle...

  5. DW - I've lost track of the bootings and mutings. Let me know if you hear anything! I should really check my twitter... It's been ages! I'm @JoanHunterShop

  6. I occasionally lurk ...but it usually results in my head spinning in circles...Etsybook ..really...usb fobs really...cupcakeville ...that is for real.

    I sold an Item on AF that never sold on E - and I think there will be more sold there soon. Af also allows more time since I don't have to pump in the fora as much...less drama..better SEO and no renewing..(more $ for me)
    ALL IN ALL I feel much more PEACEFUL