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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've Been Perma-Banned by Etsy Today

I was actually catching up reading the coral thread when I got a weird error message.  I was then prompted to sign in.  I got this message, and this was the first inkling I had that I'd been booted and banned.

Then lo and behold!  I checked my email and read their obnoxious fuck-off message.  Just incredible.

At least I already moved my shop.  At least I got to say goodbye.  But I am totally flabbergasted.  Honestly.

Editorial note: I was "flabbergasted" because Etsy allows others, including their blog staff, to break their Terms of Use, and get away with it slap free. Some, on the other hand, they can't expel fast enough. It is these inconsistencies that make my head spin.


  1. oh, and they didn't bother to list any of my supposed "Crimes" either. Not that I care. Apparently, once you have seen Etsy for what it really is, they have to get rid of you as quickly as possible so you don't share that knowledge with the others..

    BE AFRAID, PEOPLE!! Etsy has a demonic side, and it can come for you any time.

  2. I guess calling other Etsy users "shit asses" might be one reason.

  3. Well if one acts like a shit ass then one should be called a shit ass ;P

    (((Joan))) You know the truth, and you are better off without Etsy. Etsy just wants ass-kissing cupcakes over there now and are eliminating all those who refuse to hold their tongues and pucker up. You don't need Etsy to be successful, and you don't deserve that crap! No one does.

  4. There's a lot of angry Etsy vs. Artfire threads up over there right now. I don't think you're missing much Joan. : )

  5. As they say on EB- "watch out- they bite!"

  6. The thread is locked as well now.

    "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Sir Winston Churchill

  7. Were you ever warned in the past? Or was this the very first time you were contacted and it was a permaban?

  8. Wanted to say goodbye in the thread, but missed my chance. Thanks for sticking with it for so long, everyone. I know lots of us were prepared to give it pushes up at least daily. Miss everyone, but will see you in the wider world.

    We've been pushed out of our nest. Time to fly!

  9. No, I was never warned in the past, although I did have my shop announcement taken down a few weeks ago. My shop announcement said: "In solidarity with my fellow jewelry makers I will be moving my business off of Etsy as a result of the coral article." I did not re-post my shop announcement.

    It was a permaban.

  10. Anonymous said...
    I guess calling other Etsy users "shit asses" might be one reason.

    I see my fans still know where to find me ;D