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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Escape From Etsy!

Just popping in to express how happy I am that I'm not an Etsian any longer.
My holiday sales were great and I completely slacked off.  My new venue makes everything ridiculously simple.

Now it's very clear (talkin' 'bout circles here), that Etsy is trying to morph into some kind of social commerce / networking site, and not a professional venue to sell your handmade, vintage, supplies.  It's so lame and sad.

Anyway, I rarely even think about Etsy or my time there anymore.  I've saved hundreds of dollars since I left.  Amazing how much I spent on listing and relisting fees while I was there... Now I can chill out and just focus on life again.  And no more crazy-making weird & pointless changes to worry about either.  Phew.

I hope you are all well and having happy holidays, I love you all.



  1. Yay, good for you! I'm finding since I left I have so much more time to dedicated to actually creating things and promoting them - when I was on Etsy so much time would be wasted trying to minimise the damage of whatever their latest 'improvement' was - you know, having to make favourites private, leave teams, delete treasuries, re-write profiles to fit in the little box they've squashed it into now...all that stuff is such a drain on your time and it's such a waste of time too. Now I'm on Artfire, I can get on with just creating and running my business - what a refreshing change!

    I hope you have a great holiday season too, it's thanks to people like you and this blog that I and many others know the truth about Etsy, so Thank You! :-)

    Deb xx

  2. Hope you had a good holiday, Joan. I had better sales on AF this holiday season than I ever had on etsy. Hope that's true for all the new AF sellers. If not, you've got time to get your AF set up for next season.

  3. Hi Joan.

    I have a real story to tell with etsy. How do i contact you. My very successful shop was just rhyme, no nothing. What to know where to go from here. :-(

  4. I've just had both my accounts deleted as well. No emails or previous convos (or a chance to save my listings), and no reason I can think of. I'm super pissed. Please keep this blog going, we refugees need some place to vent :)

  5. Anonymous and Amy -

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been through a trauma. Losing your shop that you have worked so hard on, the embodiment of your hopes and dreams, just plain hurts.

    I'd like to publish your stories, please email me at

    I apologize for being away for so long. We had a bumpy post-new year out here!

  6. Hi, I have a buyers account on Etsy and have been thinking about setting up a shop for quite some time... and then i came across a forum, and another forum and another forum and the more i look into it, the worse etsy sounds! It's like one mistake after another, do i really want to put myself through that?

    Im a total newb at this so i just want some real actual artisan's advice:) What site has the "best" quality/security/fees? Or are they all slightly flawed? haha

    I've also heard some bad things about artfire too... something about a admin going nuts> /:>

    Anywho, the main point of this jibberjabber is this:
    Do you have any recommendations for where to start?

    Cause these blogs are making my head spin ...

  7. Salutations, Anonymous! Let me refer you to this recent ranking!

  8. I just lost my sole source of income. Etsy closed my shop down this morning. Don't go to Etsy.