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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Saga Continues...

My Coralgate and banning story is now on EtsyBitch click the link to read!

Have you been muted, booted or banned recently?  EB wants to hear your story.


  1. Well, now that the corral is gone, everyone's spreading out into the forums again. It won't be long before a lot of other people are banned and/or muted.

  2. Yep. Agreed, dragon. And really, how effing pathetic is that anyway? Really just ridiculously sad. Bunch of children in Brooklyn who want nothing more than a cult. We all know how it worked out for those who followed Jim Jones. They can do what they want to me, I don't care. I will not drink their rancid hipster Kool-Aid.

  3. Been seeing so much upheaval in the forums lately as I lurk. It's insane!! I don't remember the last time so many people were pissed off at Etsy! It's really amazing, and stressing... So glad I am not there anymore. My blood pressure has returned to normal now ;)

  4. I would like to share a little story with everyone about how crazy Etsy has become. My best friend and I both have Etsy shops, but we lived in different states and just recently she decided to move to the city I am in and so she stayed with me until she found her own place.

    This is where Etsy proved to me that they have gone off the deep end.
    So, my friend is now using my computer and she is one of those VERY vocal people in the Etsy forums... (Me, not so much) So after she went off on a forum rant one day, I happened to log into my account (from the same computer she just used). I think this is what raised a red flag over at Etsy...
    The next day I got a letter from etsy asking me to EXPLAIN to them why I have multiple undiscloced accounts. Of course I was confused and told them so and swore to them I only have one account. (which is true) WE went back and forth in e-mails and they sent me a list of all accounts that are associated with me.

    I am not sure how or why all of this happened, but I had a computer friend explain to me that my computer has an IP address and that they probably thought I was my friend or the other way around? Either way it was all confusing to me, but also scary, why would Etsy be so spy like? I was so afraid that I had done something wrong and told Etsy that I was afraid and I asked them to explain to me what was going on. All they would say is that they wanted ME to explain my multiple accounts.

    Needless to say I no longer let anyone use my computer to access Etsy.

  5. Wow, Anonymous, that's pretty scary. What they do with links, etc. is pretty scary, too. Funny, they are so quick to pick up on shit like that, yet they have all these security breach "problems" lately? Right. I'm curious as to when I will no longer be linked to Etsy in a Google search. My shop has been empty for 2 weeks.

  6. Wow. That's a scary tale. But that is totally typical of how they handle things over at ol' E. I didn't know about any of that until recently, but there are so many stories like yours, anonymous. It's just creepy. And it's really extra creepy that when anyone pipes up in the forums, their account suddenly comes under scrutiny. It also seems to be an attempt at intimidating people into silence. It's so not cool. Who wants to do business with a company that makes you feel uncomfortable, or afraid? Why does Etsy act like it is North Korea? It's supposed to be the cuddly-wuddly handmade alternative site. WTF?? It's totally WHACK!