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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Fun With Badges

Sometimes this feels a little like "The First Wives Club" of e-commerce. Declare Etsy your Ex with this new badge.

Remember, Etsy was built on word of mouth... so any conversation piece you can use to strike up a chat about how Etsy REALLY treats its sellers... should be utilized!  <3


  1. I love this. Just snagged it, thanks!

  2. Too bad I am not still on E, or I'd use it ;P

  3. Etsy closed my shops last week, so I am totally putting that up on my blog, thanks :)

  4. This is going up on my blog ASAP. Just got the "your shop is now closed email" from them. I'm 99.7% sureI was reported by somebody I didn't see eye to eye with in the Coral Rebuttal thread yesterday. Oh well, I know I am in outstanding company.

  5. yeah, that's what happens when you say what's on your mind there, people who don't agree flag the crap out of you and Etsy is all too happy to get rid of you for them.

  6. @Dancing - I dug up the thread you refer to and I think that user may have been subtly suggesting that you were my sock-puppet!! HA ha haha!! People are so funny. There couldn't be more than one "crazy" person who thinks Etsy is a load of pigeon crap and had a "google me" banner! No! That would be silly!

    Because this is my own blog, and I can say what I want here (so can you btw!) I'm going to go ahead and say that the people who got us perma-banned are assclowns. Yes, Assclowns. But they did me, at least, a favor. I seriously have had no problems since leaving E. Yes, it would be nice to have all my customer email addresses, but I have most of them saved anyway. I really am happier in my new home on AF.

    The only thing that still bothers me is that I KNOW that Etsy is getting worse by the day, and it treats its sellers like mice that it has in its claws. They have no respect for us... at all. They are abusive. Their double-speak is psychologically abusive, too. Just because they have a smile on their faces when they do something harmful to you or your business, doesn't mean they are your friend. Etsy hates its sellers, it clearly does, it treats them with the same level of consideration and respect that factory farmers give to their livestock! It's totally sick!!

    The people who worked to get rid of our dissenting voices are enablers of the worst kind. And I hope it comes back to bite them where the sun don't shine.