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Friday, October 21, 2011

one year later

Well, it's been almost exactly a year since I was perma-banned from Etsy for speaking out against their unscrupulous practices.  I'm still receiving spam from people promoting their Etsy shops, but since I've been banned, it's not as if I can buy anything there even if I were tempted to!  I wonder how many people they've banned for no good reason, like speaking out in the forums.  I'm a good member of the artisan community, with excellent business practices, and a strong supporter of my fellow craftspeople, and yet I got tossed out on my ass, and hardly anyone spoke out on my behalf.

No, it's back to business as usual in Etsyland.  The same scrapping and scrabbling for visibility and sales in a system that doesn't work for crafters, but is bringing in big bucks for Etsy corp.  Any of you folks who still sell there have any news to report about their "seller happiness" initiative?  Better customer service?  Or is it just the same old bull?  Leave us a message in the comments.