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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wooly's Words

Wooly left this goodbye in the forums under a super-top-secret alias.  I love this, and I think everyone should read it!!  I have it printed out so I can read it over and over again.  

After years of loyal service here on Etsy, and after years of trying to fight for better here I have been banned. My shops are no more, and Etsy has made very effort to block and ban me at every turn. I have only been able to squeak by for a little bit without being detected in order to drop this in here and run off to better places.

To my dear friends and even those who I may have disagreed with here, I wish you all the best! I had so much fun here with you all! This was my second home and I will miss each and every one of you deeply. 
I have read some of the sweet things people have posted here and it has brought tears to my eyes. I am moved and touched! Thank you!! Keep up the good fight, and don’t let Etsy walk all over any of you! You are all worth so much more than that. 

None of you should ever be a doormat here! And change will only happen when you speak up and take action. I hope my journey here has helped forge the way for a better Etsy in some way. I will never compromise my beliefs for a quick buck like Etsy has! And I hope none of you do either. Remember, you are all worth so much more, and deserve only the best where ever you are.

Being part of the handmade movement, an artist, and a small business owner are all huge parts of who I am. My identity. I will never compromise that, my beliefs, or my integrity, which is why I fought so hard here to try and make Etsy a better place. To bring back it’s heart and it’s focus to where it had originally been in the beginning of Etsy.

Now, as for Etsy Corp... You have done nothing to deserve any tears or goodbyes, as you are the asses that booted me off here without so much as a decent heads-up or notice. 

You shut my shops, deleted all traces of me, and made my customers think I had up and run. Nice! Not only do you get rid of me but you try to make me look like a liar and cheat! Look in the mirror some time to know what a liar and cheat looks like!

I don’t so much care that you booted me! In fact I was half expecting it and had already made preparations elsewhere weeks ago. But, to have done it with so little consideration is pathetic! No notice, no e-mail, no nothing! Just BAM! Closed the doors and that was it. Too bad I am not crying in my cupcakes about it tho eh?! 

Even if you HATE a member of your community like me, you can at least afford them some consideration since I had been a PAYING customer here for years with over 5000 sales in all shops. I would never treat someone the way you have! 

And to be honest, this is all your doing anyhow! If YOU had done things right in the first place, if YOU had payed attention to your sellers concerns, if YOU had not blatantly broken your own TOUs on more than one occasion, and if YOU had just one ounce of dignity or commonsense, this could all have been avoided. 

Instead, as par for the course, YOU swept everything under the rug and refused to acknowledge anything! Pointed your dirty little finger at me for so-called TOU breaking (which in reality were NOTHING compared to the TOU breakage you have done).

The lack of respect you have for ANYONE here is nothing short of disgusting! All those newbies that sing their praises of you should know what kind of two-faced shit asses you are! Was that mean? Oh, too fucking bad! I know how you get your panties in a wad when people are right and how you like to sweep things under rugs around here. It sucks when others are right eh?!

When I was here in 2007 I adored you! You were full of passion and pride. Now you are nothing but a sad sack of shit! 

Lies, betrayals, ignorance, and the quest for the almighty dollar has corrupted you! It is pathetic! I used to sing your praises, now I would love to dance on your grave that you are so hell bent on digging for yourself. Can I offer you a shovel? Consider it a parting gift!

So be warned Etsy! I will NEVER speak highly of you again! I will shout it from the rooftops how pathetic and sneaky you really are! How you don’t give a shit about anyone here. The real bottom line is profit, social networking, and God knows what other crap you are secretly up to. Your integrity and heart is gone! It got lost somewhere and now you are nothing but a corporation that is out to destroy the one thing this place was built on... Hard working, small handmade businesses. For shame! 

You are now no better than any other mass corporation in my eyes! And that was the one thing Etsy was supposed to NOT be like. Remember?

I am glad that I am gone so I can expose you to everyone here! And show them that their little precious Etsy is nothing but a money hungry demon in disguise!

If this has offended any SELLERS I am truly sorry. I just cannot allow this ruse that Etsy puts on to continue any longer. I want the whole dark side of Etsy to be known so that no one else gets shocked when they find themselves on it.

So please, if you take nothing else away from my experience, take this. Always be educated and knowledgeable about WHERE you sell. It’s so easy to find the info you need to be on top of things out there on the Web. And ALWAYS fight for what is right! Don’t settle for less. Don’t take their crap and lie down. People will only treat you as good you allow them to treat you. If you let Etsy stomp all over you then they will. If you want change for the better to happen you NEED to fight for it. I fought for what I believed was ri
ght and fair, I fought for handmade and small business. And hopefully more will keep doing so as I leave and move on to other things. 

Never let the faceless corporation Etsy has become win! If they do, they destroy the whole meaning of Handmade, hard work, heart, and foundation this place was originally built on. 

I love you all!!! Goodbye, and I’ll never forget all the awesome peeps that made this place worth it. 



  1. First of all, I love the phrase "shit asses".

    Secondly, be prepared for Etsy to be building a handmade death-ray of some kind in the interstices of their Brooklyn lair, because they ARE fucking sneaky!

    And last of all, FUCK ETSY. FIGHT FOR HANDMADE.

  2. "...a sad sack of shit," was my personal favorite. I hope they're crying into their cupcakes, the fu@kers.

  3. Those dirty bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was just saying, Wooly was just like Boxer the horse in Animal Farm, and the F***ING PIGS sold her to the GLUE FACTORY!! I'm just furious all over again!!!!!!

  4. Wooley, your goodbye was magnificent!! I know EB will get that in the closed threads link for sure. I'm glad I'll be seeing you around AF. Hang in there. All of us are standing up for what we believe in. I'm sorry you were the first to fall.

  5. Thanks guys! I was kinda sad that the thread got shut so fast. Too bad Etsy can't react that quickly on REAL ISSUES! Oh well... At least it is out there in cyberspace now for Google to crawl ;P

    Love you all! And I'll be over on AF now as WBKnits if you are looking for me, and on Zibbet as WoolyBumblebee.

    And remember, I may be banned, but I am still reading the E forums and there in spirit every day!! :)

  6. Want screen shots?

  7. I already sent a transcript to EB and a complaint!

  8. I left....and they finally listened. Closed my account only two days after I asked them to.

    Now I can work a venue that looks like it actually works for me.....

  9. Congratulations WolfCreekMill!!! Breathe a sigh of relief and FREEDOM!!

  10. Thanks = releived yes...

    Still ticked yeah....Wolly did not deserve it ..I did because I could only get them to listen by geing a general pain in the but...why do sellers have to do that when we are (were) the biggest source of thier income....

  11. Right on, Wooly! That place sucks a far hairy one. Pardon my french...LOL

  12. Telling my story to EB tonight, so look for it on their blog soon!! :)