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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I believe I may have been muted.


  1. Me too!


  2. Ok so make that 2 of us have been muted in the last few moments.

  3. Ah, possibly not! E just tweeted about "slowness and internet issues" in some parts of the country. The blog post is here:

    So perhaps they haven't dropped the hammer after all. Time will tell!


  4. YOu know things are bad when you can't tell if they have pulled some secret police shit or if it's just their usual incompetence....

  5. Congratulations! (if it really was a mute)

    I never managed to get muted. I'm sure I would if I went over there again but I left before CoralGate struck and have been valiantly fighting off the urge to go back to the forums and spew my ire and opinions. Just as you mentioned in a post a few days ago, it is like leaving a dysfunctional/abusive relationship. You keep wanting to go back to see if there's something fixable because there were a few benefits to the relationship but you have to fight it because the abuser will Never change. They just get worse and more dangerous as time goes on.

    Which is exactly what Etsy is doing. Each egregious screw up is worse and more damaging. Energy and time spent trying to salvage or repair that venue is energy and time wasted.

    So - you can add me to your list of fellow refugees. It wasn't coral gate that pushed me over the edge but I'm gone, baby, gone and couldn't be happier than in my shop at ArtFire.

  6. Wooo!! Go Virginia!!

    It's so crazy how the metaphor of an abusive relationship fits it so perfectly! You think... if they'd just hear you out! If you could just tell them or show them differently somehow...

    We refugees struggle because we were in love... with the idea of what Etsy was... and the reality is very different, but it's so darn hard to let go of your illusions and lose that lovin' feeling!

  7. I don't know if I've been muted, I just am so over Etsy. They can't mute us outside of there. The reason for mutings is that they seriously have a lot to hide, and should be investigated. They are a huge internet scam.

  8. Its just the site having "issues" AGAIN.

    The only adverse affect I am experiencing is that sometimes posts don't take and I get an error page so I am copying everthing ready to paste it back to try again.

    If you get muted you will get an email telling you and how long a holiday they have granted you.

  9. My email said 7 days...that was several months ago and I'm still mute. I visit there every few weeks (stopped buying a long time ago because I got tired of reseller crap and non-handmade seller shenanigans) I was muted for participating in reseller call-outs and starting a couple of my own. meh.