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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Fallen Soldier!

I was notified this morning that Refugee Woolybumblebee's shops have been shut down, and her account has been muted.  For what, exactly, we don't know.  This action was not accompanied by any form of notification, according to reports.  Wooly - your presence as a crusader for justice on the forums will be missed!  But we will all be in touch with you here, in the sanctuary!!

Lots of love from all of your fellow Refugees!!


  1. Ain't that some bullshit! Can't wait till everything expires over there. At this point, I highly doubt I will be staying. They way they conduct business is highly unprofessional and down right immature.

  2. Bless the Bee's and the children
    for in this world
    they have no voice.
    Thinking of you.


  3. She will be missed. Thank goodness for Twitter and AF and her blog! I look forward to her post about this situation.


  4. Wolfie says - bummer - least we can still make contact at AF. Wooly your OK in my book..

  5. She should tell Etsy Bitch,they'll write it up.

  6. I'm with Button- Etsy Bitch needs to be informed as to what Etsy is doing in regards to off site things and such.

  7. if you see this wooly.. so sorry what a crock!
    there will be more to come I'm sure

  8. Wooley, glad I wll see you around AF. I also think EB should be informed of this. I can't believe she wasn't even informed of why she was treated this way. How much more Nazi can you get??

  9. Wishing you all the very best Wooly.

    Poor Etsy Bitches must we rushed off their feet trying to keep up at the moment, could be a full time job.

  10. Oh, I know exactly how that feels. All those sellers (cupcakes) kissing Etsy's behind in the forums now: They have no idea what a slim thread they are hanging from! They actually think that because they say something nice about E they are safe. It really is sad. Nobody is safe- They will shut you down without notice and not think twice about it. Has been happening all along and will continue. I think frequently about several of the very vocal and very well known sellers that were on Etsy when I started- The majority of them are now gone.And I don't think they were all done voluntarily. 2 angry customer complaints were enough to delete several long standing sellers of good repute. And they do not even have to be real customers. Anybody who does not like you could easily accomplish that in one day, and Etsy will enable that to happen.
    I actually feel sorry for Timothy Adams after his post of rainbows- he actually thinks he is safe. Sad.

  11. That Timothy Adam post was PATHETIC and disgusting. How could any human being grovel so low to ANYTHING, let alone to a F***ING CORPORATE ENTITY??? WHAT THE FAHK??????
    What's next?
    "Dear Abercrombie & Fitch... my Customer Commitment!" YOU FUCKING FUCKTARD!!!
    Sorry, I don't know the guy, never heard of him, but that post was ludicrous and offensive to my values as a self-respecting human being.

    I deactivated all of my listings almost a week ago now, so I have nothing to lose except "forum privileges" or whatever the heck they do. I made 2 sales on Artfire today, even though my shop isn't totally set up yet because I've been so ANGRY about all this that I haven't been working on it as hard as I could be. Anyway... what the crap, guys? What. The. Crap.

  12. I think the social experiment must be kicking in, its turning into a cult with members acting as if they have been brainwashed into worshipping it. I'm an atheist, its not working on me.

  13. She deserved it. Not only did she have an undisclosed shop, but she was an Uppity Minion Street Team member, a team whose goal was to snark and disrupt the forum. And while I like many had much sympathy for jewelry sellers concerning the coralgate, she had to have known that airing it out in her shop was another bad decision. Yeah, run to Etsy Bitch and cop another banner or avatar. Soon the Etsy Bitches and goatmountainarts and Uppity Minions of the handmade world will banner and avatar your asses right the hell off of Etsy just like these people. Less competition, ya know?

  14. Take a look at the comment above, and ask yourself...

    Is this a company I desperately want to be a part of?