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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Frightening Cautionary Tale About

Another anonymous tale of Etsy Woe. Is it just me, or is Etsy a lot like the Borg, from Star Trek The Next Generation??

"Etsy is not a business, it is a Jr high clique.

I have had a lot of issues with them. They closed my shop for the last time not too long ago. I had paid my fees up, so I went to Paypal and disputed them all, as far back as I could go. It was only fair, right? Service were not rendered.

Well, that made them so angry, they won't even let me keep a buyer account there. The worst kicker of them all - a friend had accessed her Etsy account from my house and hers was deleted too. I've heard to this happening before, but I never believed it until it happened to me.

(I quote from the email sent to her) "I'm sorry but we cannot allow (name here) to use Etsy in any way. If there is a chance she can access your account and use it, then we must not allow you to have one either. We apologize for the hasty decision." Hasty decision? WTF?

She can't have a damned buyer account there either now. They delete them within minutes, same as mine.

Seriously, the worst I have done is owe them a debt (possibly). And they apparently take this personally, so personally, that they are also punishing an innocent person.

The topper is that they broke their own TOU about disciplinary action. My friend did not mention me by name in her email. Etsy *did* mention my name in their email to her. I thought all that was supposed to be confidential? Etsy has made it a point to say that over and over again, even closing harmless threads over it.

Shame on Etsy! They claim to care but they have taken the livelihoods of two people, one of whom has done nothing at all. And countless others, no doubt.

I'd like to remain anonymous. I don't want any further trouble with them. They are nasty enough to do more damage to me and my business if they can."



  1. Doesn't this make you go "Wow, just wow?"

  2. UGH. Will someone file suit already? SO many causes of action.

  3. You know one public place Etsy can't censor you? Google map reviews. The Etsy Labs are listed.

  4. This is UNBELIEVABLE. Who do the folks at Etsy think they are, pulling this sort of garbage, especially against an entirely innocent party?

    I agree with TattyTiara...head on over to Google Maps or something.

  5. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  6. Fleamarkets treat people better than Etsy.

  7. LOL, I first read G33K's comment as we'll be assassinated...

    Feels the same.

  8. and yet nothing Etsy does surprises me. What does is that so many people take this abuse until they get suspended. The truth is that we all need the money and remain there for as long as we can BUT lets not forget that Etsy is as huge and successful because of us, the sellers!

  9. If you lived in an apt building (or house with several units) what would happen if someone in the same building/home tried to access Etsy...even if you didn't know eachother.

    Wow. That seems crazy!!!!